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Streamline your Medicaid claim payments, unlock great value

We help pharmaceutical manufacturers increase efficiency and reduce cost. We have a complete and thorough understanding of the unique challenges presented by State Medicaid claims and offer several solutions:


Invoice Payment Processing

EVERSANA’s new payment processing solution helps you make timely State Medicaid invoice payments by optimizing payment runs based on due dates and turnaround times according to your contract.


Mailroom and document scanning

EVERSANA’s mailroom and invoice scanning services help you centralize receipt of all invoices — paper or digital. All your State Medicaid invoices are converted into digital format, freeing up your resources from time-intensive paperwork and data entry.


Invoice Data Capture

EVERSANA’s automated invoice data capturing process using OCR technology ensures accurate invoice data extraction. All essential information is captured and uploaded into our in-house Medicaid Claims processing system for validation and quality checks.


Invoice Validation and Management 

Exceptions and errors in State Medicaid Claim invoicing leads to loss of revenue. EVERSANA identifies and manages invoice exceptions and works with you and State Medicaid agencies to resolve and expedite payments.


Why Choose EVERSANA’s Medicaid Processing and Payment Management Services?

  • Over 20 years of experience handling Medicaid Claims
  • Assistance managing Medicaid Program agreements
  • Sophisticated claims processing technology
  • In-house ERP experts and integration capabilities
  • Audit support and document image management
  • Superior reporting, measurement and continuous improvement

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