In the ever-growing field of life sciences, it is important to always be learning. As frequent authors of industry-respected whitepapers and presenters at biopharma conventions, the practices of EVERSANA  CONSULTING are always working to stay at the forefront of this evolving field. Read some of our recent insights, case studies and other resources below.

Here Are the Latest Insights Across Practices

Advocacy training is central to empowering advocacy champions, and for EVERSANA’s Advocacy & PR group in Canada, it is at the core of the work that they do. In a recent conversation, Ryan Clarke, LL.B., senior vice-president, advocacy & PR, shared his insights on the importance of advocacy and what advocacy training can achieve for […]

In this webinar, industry leaders Faruk Abdullah, James Stephanou, Jakub Pijewski, PhD, and Yao Zhang, PhD, delve into the dynamic world of M&A, BD&L, and Commercial Due Diligence (CDD) in the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors. Gain valuable insights into: Current perspectives on deal-making trends The heightened importance of CDD Best practices and risk mitigation techniques […]

Dive into the intricate world of pharmaceutical pricing with “Price Right or Pay Later” by Christopher Nüesch, Chad McAuliffe, and Andrew Therrien. In this groundbreaking paper, EVERSANA exposes the critical yet often overlooked nuances of pricing strategies in the pharmaceutical industry. Through meticulous analysis and real-world examples, discover why setting the right price at launch […]

In the fast-paced world of pharmaceuticals, where market forecasting and regulatory compliance are paramount, data-driven insights can make all the difference. Discover how EVERSANA’s Specialty Consulting team excels in crafting tailored predictive modeling solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturers of all sizes. With a comprehensive understanding of the challenges inherent in product commercialization, we offer strategic advantages […]

Early involvement of Medical Affairs in the product lifecycle is not just beneficial – it is mission critical. In the swiftly changing realm of advanced therapies like biosimilars, rare disease molecules, and cell and gene therapies, a strong scientific interpretation and orientation is essential. Medical Affairs teams are stepping up to this challenge, actively shaping […]

In the dynamic landscape of healthcare and life sciences, the integration of cutting-edge technologies has become paramount. Among these innovations, Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands out as a transformative force, reshaping everything from drug discovery to patient care. In this white paper, Tanuj Mehra, Jordan Schell, Erion Lipo and Kevin Yin shed light on the pivotal […]

Introduction At EVERSANA, we’re at the forefront of regulatory work in Canada, and recently, our team has been delving into the realm of PRCI (Public Release of Clinical Information) in  Canada and submission Policy 0070 (Regulation EMA (EU) 536/2014) in Europe). In a recent conversation, Deborah Brown, Lead, Strategic Partnerships, sheds light on the intricacies […]

Discover how EVERSANA’s cutting-edge approach is revolutionizing patient identification for cell and gene therapies. In our white paper, “Lead Time Is All You Need: Patient Identification for Cell and Gene Therapies Using Machine Learning and Advanced Data Analytics,” we explore the transformative power of machine learning and advanced data analytics in the world of healthcare. […]

Discover the groundbreaking strategy that could redefine pharmaceutical launches and propel your product’s success across North America. In the realm of pharmaceutical launches, a paradigm shift is underway, challenging the conventional sequential approach and calling for a bolder strategy that reaps unparalleled benefits. “Unlocking Your Full North American Potential: Coordinating Launches in The U.S. and […]

The pharmaceutical industry faces a host of increasingly complex challenges and critical decisions when attempting to manage and predict their products’ plausible revenue patterns. The mishandling of revenue forecasting and evaluation can result in substantial financial liabilities, which has become more of an issue for manufacturers as products, disease states and additional factors that previously […]

Pharmaceutical manufacturers commonly invest a considerable amount of time, money and additional resources into revenue management. Most would likely say they desire to invest even more because of the significant impact it has on their products’ gross-to-net. But how and where to invest valuable assets is a significant decision. The process of revenue management, including […]

Pharmaceutical manufacturers specializing in Rare Disease, Oncology, Personalized Cancer Immunotherapy, and Cell and Gene therapies encounter a range of complex challenges, including advancements in medicine and technology, changing patient and provider needs, market access, regulatory pathways, pricing transparency, patient reach, patient adherence, and ever evolving disease states. Despite spending over $200 million on product launches, […]

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