Regulatory & Compliance

Document Control and Training Management Software and Services

EVERSANA has implemented our Document Control and/or Training Management Systems and Services at hundreds of clients, which has helped them pass thousands of regulatory inspections over the past 15+ years. Our fully validated 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software, along with our expert staff of document administrators and training coordinators provide an all-encompassing solution to your document control and training needs. Whether you are a startup looking to establish a document and training management system, currently managing documentation and training manually, looking for a cost effective software solution, or simply looking to reduce overall cost and overhead, EVERSANA has a customized solution to fit your company regardless of company size or lifecycle state.

The EVERSANA document control solution works to solve the following elements when considering the implementation of a Document and/or Training Management system.

  • Capital Costs – Zero Capital Cost
    • Services are provided on a subscription model to eliminate the need for software purchase and other initial setup costs.
  • Implementation Timeline – Experienced staff and prevalidated system reduce implementation timeline
    • Right sized implementation with little to no impact to current operations.
    • Expedited implementations available (≤4 weeks in some instances).
  • Cloud system – Fully web-based
    • Full access to documents and records from anywhere with an internet connection.
    • No need to manage and store documents and records manually.
  • Control – Permission Based Control
    • Allow users access to documents based on role, need and/or job function
    • Allow suppliers, clients or potential investors access to relevant documentation
  • Licensing – Unlimited Licenses provided with subscription.
  • Staffing – Dedicated EVERSANA resources
    • Systems administered and managed by EVERSANA resources.
      • System Administrator
      • IT Administrator
      • Quality Assurance Support (As requested QA support during audits for Document/Training system inquiries).
    • Maintenance and Validation – Executed by EVERSANA
      • Remove overhead and need for expensive projects for software maintenance and validation
      • Ongoing Software Validation and Maintenance (compliant with 21 CFR Part 11) executed by EVERSANA and included with subscription.
    • Security and Backup – User based system with automatic backup
      • User permissions
      • Encrypted data and backups
      • Class-One Data Warehouse with multiple redundancies
      • SOC II Type 2 compliant
    • Sustainability and Growth – Customized solutions for any size company
      • Ability to flex support to facilitate short term high volume or long term growth.

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