The Chronic Microcap Trap: How Launch Is The Escape For True Growth

Pre-commercial pharma companies face a common choice: commercialize products independently or collaborate with another pharmaceutical company as a commercialization partner. As the C-suite leaders in these organizations wrestle with the pros and cons of this choice, one factor they must consider is the impact their decision will have on their current and future market valuation.

The question is this: How much of a premium does the market put on a company that chooses to launch and commercialize its product independently?

This white paper dives deep into the data and discusses how the average market capitalization of a cohort of public companies that developed paths to launch their own products (including successful and sub-optimal launches) can be over six times greater than a cohort of public companies who consistently license with other pharma companies to launch their products.

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  • Launch Can Be Too Expensive and Complex to Execute Independently
  • Realizing Sub-optimal Value Creates a Microcap Trap
  • Launch Is the Way Out of the Trap, But It’s Not So Easy