Learning to Engage With a New Customer With Very Different Needs

As the healthcare provider landscape rapidly evolves to deliver on the promises of value-based care and efficiencies of scale, integrated delivery networks (IDNs) have emerged as a dominant force in the US market. Meanwhile, biopharmaceutical manufacturers have struggled to understand the needs of IDNs and how to engage with them in a meaningful way.

Leveraging Health Strategies Insights’ proprietary syndicated industry research on IDNs, combined with EVERSANA™ MANAGEMENT CONSULTING real-world experience of helping biopharmaceutical brands better address the needs of this critical customer, this article will examine three key elements:

• The rise and evolution of IDNs
• The challenges and implications for biopharma manufacturers attempting to meaningfully engage with IDNs
• Six key institutional channel trends manufacturers should be watching in order to meet the needs of IDNs

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Sean Rapson
Rod Cavin