Product Commercialization Case Study: Product Launch Planning and Strategy

Client Situation

Our client, a leading pharmaceutical company, was 16 months from launching a central nervous system product with a novel mechanism of action that was expected to be a blockbuster. EVERSANA MANAGEMENT CONSULTING assisted the client in developing a comprehensive market access launch roadmap and pricing and market access strategy for this asset.

Our Solution

After collecting, indexing, and taking stock of all relevant client materials available to date, we began developing a detailed launch roadmap to use as a guide for all launch-planning efforts. The final roadmap itemized all market access launch deliverables and activities associated with completing each, along with timelines for completion, dependencies, and responsibilities.

This critical planning tool was just the beginning. We also developed overarching market access strategy, including value proposition, pricing, contracting, and plans to win in key channels.

To lay the foundation for the strategy work streams, EVERSANA MANAGEMENT CONSULTING commenced a large-scale primary research effort with payers, providers and patients, as well as stakeholders in several channels. We also conducted extensive secondary research, and together these inputs served as the fact base upon which we developed a comprehensive market landscape assessment for our client. This assessment examined the current and future competitive landscape for the indication being pursued, patient treatment flow, and physician practice patterns and included detailed market access analyses both at the market and plan levels. The comprehensive assessment also included a pricing analysis, a close look at patient assistance programs in this market, and copay mitigation tactics employed by competitors.

The EVERSANA MANAGEMENT CONSULTING team next developed market maps and account segmentations across key channels, including commercial, Medicare Part D, long-term care (LTC), and integrated delivery networks (IDNs). We also researched and developed specific channel assessments for these and several additional channels—retail pharmacy, Medicaid, Veterans Affairs/Department of Defense, and hospitals/group purchasing organizations (GPOs)—culminating in strategic and actionable recommendations for each channel.

Additionally, EVERSANA MANAGEMENT CONSULTING tested key elements of the payer value story (developed in conjunction with our agency partner in collaboration with the client) via in-depth primary research with payers and provided the client with strategic recommendations on the unbranded and branded value proposition and positioning for the product.


We can help

Whether you are commercializing a first-in-class product or entering a crowded marketplace, we can guide you in developing strategy to optimize access upon launch and beyond.