Product Commercialization Case Study: Launch Strategy and Plan for Emerging Biotech

Client Situation

This small, public biotechnology company was approximately 24 months out from launching its first asset and had just hired key commercial leaders and personnel.

The product was expected to target patients similar to those of other approved and pipeline therapies and thus required a well-informed and differentiated strategy and plan. The new leaders needed help defining key corporate strategy, plan, and execution concepts leading up to their launch.

Our Solution

The EVERSANA MANAGEMENT CONSULTING team began with the development of a company “fact base”—outlining key market assumptions and conducting research in areas of need that had not been addressed, such as market access, key account landscape, treatment patterns and behaviors, and unmet needs, as well as others.

Our team then collaborated with the client to define their launch strategy based on the fact base and directional corporate guidance.

Next, we broke into and worked with several functional sub-teams to develop and refine respective launch plans across the organization, using the launch strategy as guidance. Functional sub-teams and launch plans comprised commercial (including market analytics, marketing, sales/sales training, and market access), medical affairs, manufacturing (including product distribution and operations), regulatory, information technology, finance, and corporate communications. To align the organization on launch plans, we facilitated several cross-functional meetings.

Finally, we developed a supporting launch tracking tool to ensure all plans would be monitored and could be updated moving forward. Using this tool, we followed up with the client several months into the plans to evaluate progress, discuss interdependencies and issues, and provide feedback on the path forward.

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If you’re commercializing a new product and want to learn more about how we can help you realize success.