Growth Maximization Case Study: Strategic Brand Planning

Client Situation

Our client, a midsize biotech company, had launched its first oncologic in an increasingly crowded market and requested support in defining an innovative and differentiated global brand strategy and tactical plan.

Our Solution

The EVERSANA MANAGEMENT CONSULTING team first took stock of all previously completed brand planning efforts to build an initial fact base and align on initial market assumptions with our client. We leveraged key insights from the fact base and previous brand planning best practices to develop a set of tailored global strategic imperatives for the brand over the next three years.

Our team used the strategic imperatives to guide numerous internal discussions on proposed tactical activities and plans. We refined and aligned the plans to respective functions and developed additional implementation details for all key activities (i.e., deliverables, timelines, owners, dependencies).

The EVERSANA MANAGEMENT CONSULTING team secured approval and endorsement from senior management for the brand plan prior to embedding it into planning and execution efforts moving forward.

The product team noted a positive ROI based on the newly developed strategy and plans and the brand exceeded revenue targets the year following implementation. Other brand teams in the organization soon adopted the planning process and template we developed as part of this engagement.


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